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I have always been caring to the history of my native land.
Many of our countrymen travel the world, learn about various wonders and interesting places in different countries, but meanwhile, few people know that we have some amazing places to visit in Moldova. After all, our region is rich not only in our winemaking, but primarily in its people, and therefore in its history and culture. It is very important to keep the history of our places.

The Duruita project was started as a personal project, with a small old house bought in the village of Duruitoarea. It was my dream in the development of which I tirelessly invested my strength and resources.

The project was gradually developed into something more, and now Duruita Camping is an equipped camp for lovers of rural and eco-tourism. Now, guests from different parts of Moldova and from abroad come to us.


Various cultural events are regularly held on the basis of our camp, for example, the festival of music on the day of the summer solstice, organized kayaking, etc. Every year, Duruita is improved and developed. Now we are focusing on the development of leisure for our guests in the camp, trying to offer classes for lovers of calm unity with nature, lovers of outdoor activities and, of course, entertainment for children.
We are very pleased to see that those who have visited us at least once come to us again and again. And they find for themselves something new and interesting in every trip.


The next project within the Artera association is Orheiul Vechi. This is our new place near the world famous Butuchensky rock monastery (XV-XVII centuries) in the vicinity of Old Orhei. We will open our recreation center Orheiul Vechi for rural eco-tourism for visitors in 2020.

To summarize, the main goal of my activity is to popularize the sights of Moldova and make them attractive for tourism. I want to show Moldova in the best way, to introduce people to the story related to such unusual and beautiful places as Duruitoarea Veche and Old Orhei. The Moldavian region is a wonderful place and I will do my best to save historical sights and to grow interest to them.

Adrian Musteata


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